How to Become a DJ

The days when people treaded the career path with caution are long gone. The way unconventional career options are viewed has changed especially in the entertainment industry, which has gained popularity among the young people. In today’s world, music and dancing is part of every celebration whether you are organizing a private party or even visiting a club, which has helped Djing become one of the most lucrative careers in the entertainment industry.

It is also important to note that DJing as a career has unique benefits that you will not find in other career options such as being paid to do what you love, glamour and fun, networking and a chance to work with famous artists and entertainer. However, to enjoy these benefits, you must take your time and learn how to become a career DJ. This guide will teach you how to become a dj with simple easy to follow tips.

become a dj

Tips on how to become a career DJ

Consider DJing as a long-term project: Although it is possible to start mixing music immediately after learning the skills, it is imperative to remember that you will not be good in mixing until after a long time of practice. Most top DJs spend many years learning the trade before they become successful and thus, you should not expect to be any different. It helps to view DJing as a hobby when starting. It also helps to start your career volunteering in your friends’ house parties and local clubs. This will help you hone your DJing skills without the pressure of failure.

Choose your Djing style: Most DJs are either a crowd-pleaser or a music specialist. Although different events may require that you mix both styles, specializing will make you a master of a certain style. Being a crowd-pleaser requires you to play songs that would appease the biggest number of people in your audience. Crowd-pleasing is ideal for private events such as weddings and small parties. Being a music specialist requires you play a particular genre irrespective of what the crowd demands. However, you should note that specializing in one style would make gigs fewer.

Learn different music genres: The best way to become a multi-genre DJ is to be a specialist of multiple genres. However, you should not mix different styles especially for a start. It is best to learn a different genre at a time and grow your music genres with time. Being great at different music genres will help make you a top DJ as well as increase your opportunities for future gigs.

Keep up with current music trends: In today’s fast-paced world, you must keep up with the current music trends including top music from different parts of the world as well as all music on top of the charts. One thing that will differentiate you from other DJs is being on top of today and leaning towards tomorrow. You should know recently released songs as well as music that will be soon released.

Develop your following: To be a successful DJ, you must develop a following. You will have a greater chance of getting regular gigs with your own fans as you will be more attractive to pub owners seeking a greater audience. You should take advantage of the social media to create your following.

Top Online Guitar Lessons for the Budding Guitarist

The guitar is one of them most popular instruments in the world, which is why it’s no surprise that a lot of people search for top online guitar lessons. What’s good is that there are just as many references and websites available that offer excellent guitar lessons. Most of them don’t require you to go to the lessons physically, as everything would be made available to you online. Some even offer tutors who would teach you in real-time. That being said, it certainly wouldn’t be hard for you to choose the one that would suit your needs and preferences.

Best Online Guitar Lessons for the Budding Guitarist

Many well-known websites like JamPlay and Guitar Tricks have had many successful students in the past and up to the present. It has to be noted beforehand, though, that these websites have their own specific benefits. Guitar Tricks, for instance, is best suited for beginners as it follows a linear teaching model, which they call the Core Learning System. It really offers direct assistance to novices in order for them to make smooth transition from beginner to adept. The common denominator in most of these successful websites, in the end, is that they offer a myriad number of guitar lessons that are taught by actual experienced professionals.

Gauges of a Website that Offers Good Online Guitar Lessons

With that said, it’s fairly easy to ascertain just what makes these very student-friendly. For one, if we are to focus on the way that they offer their guitar lessons, many of them, as said above, incorporate an organized system of teaching for anyone who wants to learn the guitar. This is technically a must for those who are starting out from scratch, as a good grasp of the basics is required to master an instrument as tricky as the guitar. Besides this, here are a couple other good qualities that these websites have:

• They offer the ability to download video lessons to students. This particularly noteworthy as it allows you to learn at your own pace.
• Their video lessons are straightforward and easy to understand for the average student.
• There is a large archive of references that is easily accessible, which is complemented by an equally vast library of songs that you can freely browse and pick to learn based on your preferred genre.
• Various nifty tools are included like chord builders, scale finders, and backing track libraries (to cite a few), which only makes you learn your lessons more seamlessly.
• They offer the ability to video-chat with an instructor for more in-depth learning and direct assistance.
• They have highly competent instructors at their employ. (You can always check this by investing time in reading reviews about a specific website that offers guitar lessons).

Choose Wisely

Take note that while many of these websites offer their services for a monthly membership subscription, some of them (like Justin Guitar, for instance) actually offer lessons for free. These websites offer lessons at no cost whatsoever, and many users have attested to learning invaluable lessons from these platforms. However, if you’re just starting out, it’s best to rely on a professional tutor that could really offer deeper insights and tips for you. These free platforms, after all, don’t usually have the organized lesson structure that makes membership-based websites like Guitar Tricks and JamPlay very effective.

IPVanish Coupons 2017

IPVanish Coupon 2017 – save big on your personal vpn with these ipvanish coupon codes for 2017.

IPVanish is a VPN provider that uses software to push their services to different platforms. This company provides products to both personal and commercial clients using a number of packages. It also supports various mobile platforms as well as various proprietary routers. In an effort to provide secure services to as many clients as possible, the company has opened offices in over 60 countries around the world. The company prides itself in the ability to provide quality services that do not put cost over value. Due to this reason, the products are priced on the higher side compared to many other average VPN companies in the market. Here is a basic review of the firm which also looks at the IPVanish coupons available in the market.

IPVanish Coupon 2017


IPVanish has software that is easy to setup and install. The interface of its programs is also practical and straightforward. When it comes to security, the company has incorporated secure tools in the programs that not only disable firewalls but also guard clients from hackers. The service also has great capabilities when it comes to disabling any form of government surveillance. In addition to these features, IPVanish has a premium support system that attends to clients promptly and efficiently. All these features ensure the safety and privacy of user data.

Pricing and coupons

There is a total of three pricing packages at IPVanish. The first is the basic monthly subscription which goes at a rate of $11.99. This package guarantees savings of 17% for each subsequent subscription with the price coming down to $10. The second package is the 3-month subscription that goes at $26.99 billed quarterly with savings amounting to 25%. The best value package is the annual subscription that goes for $77.99 billed annually – this translates to roughly $6.5 a month. Clients can also access valid IPVanish coupons that vary on the discounts they offer but generally can offer even up to 75% discounts.

Overall service quality

IPVanish is without a doubt the best VPN service provider in terms of quality of service. The speeds are blazing fast at all times and there are no gimmicks involved in what the company claims to offer. There is great innovation in terms of products with the support for different operating systems being a highlight for the company. The fact that there are several servers in different parts of the world translates to localized professionalism. The simple process of installation also points to the amount of work that has been put by the company to ensure client satisfaction.

IPVanish is a top-tier service provider that understands their customers. The numerous services from this company are greatly packaged into a single quality product. IPVanish coupons also go a long way in maximizing the end value for each client. In any way you look at it, the company is a true reflection of a pacesetter. For its speed, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching, web proxies and other countless features; the company gets a 5/5 star rating. This VPN provider is highly recommended for clients of all nature.

VPS Hosting Selection Tips

With the overwhelming number of VPS Hosting providers, it may not be easy to know which one is the best for you. Everyone claims to be the best but read the following VPS hosting selection tips before you decide which one to settle for.

VPS Selection

Check for server features

The server is the focal point of any VPS hosting plan. It is always important to look at what the server has to offer before you can look at other finer details. Things to check for here are the amount of RAM you will get, your share of the disc space, CPU core, IP address, backup, distribution and whether there are restrictions on data transfers. On the same note, it is also important to consider whether you need a Windows or a Linux VPS environment. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

Go for cloud-based VPS hosting if you can

Do not choose conventional VPS hosting if the cloud-based option is available. Remember that while both are more or less similar, cloud based VPS allows you to add more servers and storage into the Centralized Storage System.

Check for flexibility

It is important to consider how easy it is to upgrade the VPS account as your site grows. You do not want to remain in the same spot in this world where internet algorithms change by the minute. Perhaps this is one area where HostGator VPS beats many other VPS providers. A HostGator VPS is easily customizable and can be upgraded whenever the need arises. This way, the user can install advanced software and customize the hosting environment accordingly.

Consider the plans offered

VPS plans can be managed or unmanaged. It is important to determine which plan works for you. Most plans are managed by default, but you may wish to enjoy the freedom that comes with the unmanaged plans.

How is the customer support?

The importance of customer support in the web hosting sector cannot be overemphasized. There is normally so much to know, and things change every day. Thus you need customer care every step of the way.

You can’t forget to check the price

You can’t forget to check for pricing details when selecting a suitable VPS hosting plan. If you value the trial period, take it into consideration. You should, however, be careful to realize that price goes hand in hand with the features offered. More features mean more pay. There are also VPS hosting plans that will offer you features that you don’t really need and charge you for them. Overall, do not have a one-sided view of the plans and pricing details. Instead, take a helicopter view. You will realize that you can get more for less on VPS hosts such as HostGator by taking advantage of its coupons.


Having taken all factors into consideration, it is also good to choose a VPS Hosting service provider that walks with you passionately until you achieve all your dreams. Hostgator VPS hosting is one such provider. A case in point, as other users struggle to meet the cost of a VPS account on other providers, you can use a coupon on Hostgator to get VPS hosting for free for a whole month.

Best Fast VPNs 2017

Safe and secure transmission of data is one of the prime concerns of internet users today. And, with governments said to be spying on our browsing activity, along with internet hackers on the rise, it’s pretty easy to understand why. One of the most vital tools to keep you protected is a VPN. If you’ve not protected yourself, and your computer, then read on to see how a VPN could help you, today.

What’s a VPN

If this all sounds a bit alien to you, let me explain. A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, works by encrypting all data that is sent when you are browsing online. Usually, users connect to a remote private network when browsing on a public network, such as a WiFi hotspot. The VPN acts like a firewall between the computer and any potential prying eyes.

Fast VPNs

We’re going to look at some of the best, and fastest, VPNs available on the market today.

(See full listings & reviews via: Fast VPNs Reviews 2017)

IP Vanish

If speed is what you’re looking for, IP Vanish definitely has you covered. You can watch high-definition TV easily with sky-high speeds of 20-22 Mbps.

With over 500 servers in 60 countries, this VPN offers you a wide range of places to connect to. There are very few other services on the market to offer such a wide variety of servers worldwide!

Frequent downloaders will be glad to learn that IP Vanish also allows the use of Bit Torrent. Many other providers have limited Bit Torrent use to fewer services, meaning downloads are often slow and unreliable.

For the services offered, IP Vanish is extremely competitively priced at only $6.40 per month. If you’re looking for high-speeds, a wide variety of servers and unbeatable value for money, there are few VPNs on the market that can compare.

Express VPN

Express VPN knocks IP Vanish out the pond in terms of speed with downloads in the range of 25 Mbps.

Express VPN also has 187 servers in 87 different countries. Not quite as impressive as IP Vanish but still a lot of different Netflix services for you to unlock!

This super-fast VPN will cost you $8.32 per month. If you have a need for speed, then this is definitely a worthwhile investment.


With download speeds of 30 Mbps, we’ve saved the best until last in terms of speed here! This is the ideal VPN for anyone who wants to seamlessly stream high-definition TV and download media online.

Buffered VPN has over 100 servers in 33 different countries meaning that you have no shortage of places to connect to. The downside? Buffered are unfortunately on Netflix’s radars and their services are occasionally blocked by the provider! For those of you with no interest in Netflix, this is still a great choice.

Buffered is one of the most expensive VPNs on the market, with plans starting at $8.25 per month. However, with rocket speed connections and a wide variety of servers, it’s worth every dime.

The Verdict

If you want to browse safely, and stream quickly, then consider one of these exceptionally fast VPNs. After having searched the market high and low and testing them out for ourselves, we know that these are the best, and fastest, VPNs that money can buy. Protect yourself today, without and browse the web with absolute peace of mind.

How to Increase Breast Size without Surgery

The journey to increasing the size of your breasts without surgery is not a simple, straightforward one. Thankfully, though difficult, it isn’t impossible. The unfortunate bit is that there is plenty of erroneous information out there about augmenting your breasts. Be thankful you are reading this as you’ll discover safe and effective non-invasive methods of improving the size of your mammary glands- the pride of every woman.

increase breast size

Certain Herbs and Foods Can Increase the Size of your Breasts

It is an incontestable truth that certain foods and herbs can increase the size of your breasts. For example:

– Fenugreek- This herb can imitate hormones that help women to breastfeed. During breastfeeding, women usually have larger-sized breasts. Therefore, by imitating the functions of the hormones, fenugreek effectively helps to augment women’s mammary glands.

– Fennel- A consumption of fennel seeds is a surefire way of increasing the size of your breasts. Fennel seeds stimulate the production of estrogen hormone- a hormone responsible for the development and maintenance of female organs and reproductive system.

– Blessed Thistle- the herb functions the same way as fenugreek by making the body think it is supposed to produce milk, in the process enlarging the breasts.

– Saw Palmetto- Saw Palmetto helps to increase the size of breasts by blocking testosterone, thus, ensuring estrogen flows freely throughout your body.

Ideally, you should use the fresh versions of the herbs as the powdered version can’t produce the same results you want. Supplements aren’t as effective, either. If you want the best out of the herbs, include them as an ingredient when preparing your tea or use them to make a breast enlargement cream.

About diet, take foods that are rich in dietary estrogens or phytoestrogen. These foods control the production of testosterone and enhance the copious production of estrogen hormone. Foods rich in phytoestrogen include legumes, meat products, vegetables, whole grains cereals, and nuts and oil seeds.

Breast Enlargement Pills and Creams

This is among the most effective ways of augmenting the size of your mammary glands without undergoing a surgical procedure. The pills and creams are fortified with safe and natural ingredients that increase the size of your breasts. The advantage of this method is that pills and creams are fast acting beside the fact that the breast enhancement is usually permanent.


Exercises can’t augment your breast size but only accentuate it. Meaning, they will give the illusion that your breasts are bigger than they actually are. The method takes a while to work and doesn’t work as well as other methods of increasing breast size. However, it is an option worth pursuing as it is painless, inexpensive, and easy to follow through. Some of the exercises that may help you in that regard include pushups, chest dips, and dumbbell flys. These exercises will only consume a few minutes of your day.


It is important to point out that any one method needs you to exercise patience as you wait for the results. Don’t be too desperate for big mammary glands to the extent that you try unsafe methods of enlarging the breasts.