Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Guitar strings hold the life source of the acoustic musical instrument, and their quality is of very great importance. There may not seem to be a very obvious difference between strings, but the texture of one string in the hands of an expert guitarist can make huge difference from another.

You will definitely need the right acoustic guitar string to make the statement you intend to send across to your audience.

Elixir Strings Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Custom Light

This string design is of a very thin gauge providing a custom light from .011 to .052; it comes with Polyweb coatings to help it prevent rest and increase the strength of the strings.

It produces bright and warm musical notes, and it allows for more playing styles and versatile genres of music. Users rating has kept this string as the best on the list, and you can only taste the quality in active usage.

Martin MSP3200

This is mostly an 80/20 Bronze-Brass alloy string manufactured by C. F. Martin and Co. They serve the very popular dreadnought guitar design with pronounced tones that allows fast strumming.

The tone is not as balanced as the phosphor bronze material. It is not coated, and it’s gauge is a medium having .013 – .056. Players who pick this option over the Elixir already accept that they will have to replace the strings every month because they rust easily.

Elixir Strings Nanoweb 80/20 Custom Light

This is where Elixir delivered so much effort in producing an 80/20 Bronze-Brass String that would still stand the test of time. This company was the bravest and smarter brand to introduce coated strings to the market.

The gauge standard for this string is Custom Light measuring .011 to .052. It still produces very balanced and rich tones with the coatings on them, and they even bring a longer usage period with them.

D’Addario EJ19 Phosphor Bronze

This string produces very bright and sharp musical tones, it is made fro 80/20 Bronze and shares a lot of features with the Martin MSP. It will deliver music tone functions but only for a really short period of time.

The gauge standard for this string combines the Light top and Medium Bottom; the tonal projection from this string will keep you in control of your rhythm, and provide the sound authority for lead. It is very adaptive to any playing style you choose to go with.

Martin M130 Silk and Steel

This string type is a combination of steel and nylon or silk for better durability. The materials used to produce it are quite available although not as common as the Bronze strings.

They produce very warm and rich musical tones, and they stand as the perfect middle ground between nylon strings and the regular string of acoustic guitars. Their gauge comes as extra light measuring .011 to .047. This string is known to produce very soft mellow sounds that seem calm and easier on the fingers of the player.

These brands listed above are mentioned as best after durability considerations and testing for rust resistance. They can retain they quality and produce stable tone quality over long years.

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