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Keep the Birds Flying - Bring Back the Birds of Prey!
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In the summer of 2002, viewing audiences were teased by images of a seductive and feline woman prowling the dark alleys of a crime-riddled city of grime and dinginess. Accompanied by text offering the woman as the daughter of two legends, wondering what would have happened if the crimefighter and the criminal shared a secret? These commercials were the beginning taste of what would become a popular cult show in the fall on The WB - Birds of Prey. In the dark and dangerous world of New Gotham City, three women come together to discover their destiny, united by justice and their bond as friends and a make-shift family. Fans fell in love with the trials and tribulations that Oracle, Huntress and Dinah faced together and watched religiously until late November, at which point the network announced that the show was going to be cancelled. Doomed to a dark future, even the most valiant efforts by fans have proven unable to ressurrect the series... thus far.

With an organized campaign that involved spreading the word about the show, sending a tremendous number of comic books to The WB to get them to take notice of its huge fanbase and targeting viewers to increase ratings, the devotees of Birds of Prey - affectionately known as BoP - proved their unending support for the series. For better or worse, the fans have shown they will stick together. For the Birds of Prey, there is always another battle just around the corner... and like those who haunt the nights of New Gotham to fight for what is right, we will not rest until we have won.
  • Send a Comic to Save the Show
    Regular letters, postcards and notes can easily go unnoticed, which is why we've chosen to mail a product that not only confirms the solidarity of Birds fans, but stands as an effective symbol for the show. You can buy a Birds of Prey or Batman-related comic book (or print out a mock comic book cover) and mail it to the people below. Make them sit up and take notice - the fans will not be denied! Include a note reading "Bring Back the Birds of Prey", by their own hand or by selling it to someone who will give it a chance to grow and flourish as a series. Let them know we will not rest until we get Birds of Prey back.

    Peter Roth
    Warner Brothers Television
    300 Television Plaza
    Building 140, Room 229
    Burbank, California 91505

    Barry Meyer
    Warner Brothers
    4000 Warner Blvd.
    Building 2
    Executive Suites
    Burbank, CA 91522

    On the other hand, you can include a note asking Bonnie Hammer, the president of the Sci-Fi Network, to consider bringing the show to their network. Make her see how great the show is and how hard we'll fight for it!

    Bonnie Hammer
    Sci-Fi Channel
    USA Networks
    1230 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, New York 10020-1513

    If you are unable to buy any comic books to send, you can still participate in the campaign! Click here to download a mock comic book cover. Paste the cover onto a piece of cardboard/posterboard and mail it in!

  • Call The WB Audience Feedback Line at (818) 977-5000 and tell them to Bring Back the Birds of Prey! Don't be content to let your words go physically unheard on a piece of paper; make some noise! As a note, some fans have experienced difficulties in dealing with the secretary who answers the phone. Ask directly for the Feedback Line to leave a message and let The WB know what you think. Make them listen!

  • Put a banner on your website! Alert other fans about the campaign by downloading a banner and putting it on your website, preferably with a blurb explaining our effort. Show your support for the Birds of Prey.

    We can do this! Tell Warner Brothers we will stop at nothing to ressurect the Birds of Prey!
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Will your site be supporting our campaign? All you have to do is add one of our campaign banners to your page and link here, then email us so we can add you to our list!

If you would like to alert other fans to the campaign, please link them to this page so they can be sure to read for themselves what's going on and how they can help; an email simply explaining the situation, while well-intentioned, may leave out pertinent details that will aid everyone in fighting under one cause.

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