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Mischief Master
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Original Home of the Original Cheesesteak-- Accept NO Substitutions
Posts: 1,237
Originally Posted by MUZBNUTS
THINKING: About Ian and missing him immensely. He would have had so much fun yesterday.
I second this!

WEARING: black sneakers, jeans, green long-sleeve shirt, and usual jewelry.
HAIR: finally just past that awkward point of the growing-out stage. and in a ponytail.
EYES: hazel orbs of mischief
HEARING: not a whole lot other than my clackity-clack on the keyboard... I suppose I should get around to doing some actual work today... hmmm
WATCHING: letters magically appear before my eyes!
EATING: just had hot-and-sour soup for lunch with coworkers... nothing compared to the eats on Saturday at Longhorns, tho I'm pretty sure that bacon-wrapped-steak has fundamentally changed my life.
DRINKING: nothing right now, but contemplating brewing some green tea in a few.
CHATTING WITH: no-one now.
REMEMBERING: Longhorns... always a good time with good friends
LAUGHING AT: I don't. even. know. where. to. begin. LMAO
DOING: Procrastinating on doing actual work
EXCITED about: June and the Hard Rock!
THINKING: That I really do have alot to do and I really shouldn't be procrastinating right now.
HOPING: That all goes smoothly for this oral presentation I'm doing in a couple of weeks at this conference.
THANKFUL FOR: 8 years of friendship with an awesome crew of folks that I met all because of a 14-episode long TV show. who woulda thunk?!?
FEELING: Pretty darn good. Life's pretty darn good!
WANTING: Alicia Keys. What?!? You asked!
I DESERVE: hehehe no comment
WONDERING: what the next 8 years will bring for our crazy crew lol
CAN'T WAIT FOR: so many upcoming exciting events.... so for now I'll say the conference in 2 weeks-- I get to go to San Diego on the boss' bill-- can't beat it.
PROUD OF: us. for maintaining and nurturing this friendship through all this time. we rock!
AMAZED AT: the boss lady hasn't replied to any of the 3 emails I've sent her... she's usually right on top of that... and I kinda need her to... hmmm
LOVING: family, friends, life, love, and BEEEER!!
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Morbidium Addictivia
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Drowning in darkness sinking towards the end of the world.
Posts: 2,809
Wearing: Black on black.
Hair: A lot shorter, and a fresh shade of "dumb blonde". I like it so far.
Eyes: There. Woo.
Hearing: "An End Once and for All" from the ME 3 soundtrack. OooOoo.
Watching: The gloomy weather from outside my hotel window. The hell if I'm going out in that.
Eating: Nothing now, but I'm recently full from an epic bowl of Mac and Cheese that was had for lunch.
Drinking: Apple juice smuggled in from Disney. Egads, soda is expensive here and I'm not even looking in the minibar.
Chatting with: Red, here and there.
Fave thread: ATM and the Gaming Thread.
Laughing at: The She-Beast telling me that I look absolutely manic when typing away on my laptop.
Doing: Vegging.
Excited about: Getting my claws on ME 3 in a couple of days, even if it means being back in the arctic.
Thinking: I'm supposed to? O_o
Hoping: For better weather tomorrow. I have churros to quest for.
Thankful For: Decently speedy hotel Internet, even if I had to pay for it.
Feeling: Lethargic.
Wanting: Kinslayer and my LCD of Doom.
I Deserve: Hm.
Wondering: I've spent an abhorrent amount of time pondering whether or not to get Slytherin or Gryfifindor gear whilst here. There is the dark side, and then there is the side that won.
Happy that: I was paying attention in line for the Forbidden Journey ride in the Harry Potter park. I saw Ian as one of the moving portraits!
Can't Wait For: Home and ME 3.
Missing: One of my Pro Duo memory cards, which is a bit of a bummer.
Hatin/Mad at: The lines at the Harry Potter park. It would be an okay park with manageable crowds, but it's not worth it with the suffocating masses. The Butterbeer was fairly decent, though.
Proud: Of myself for resisting the urge to spend $100 on a Slytherin robe. It was close.
Amazed That: Red beat ME 3 already. Jeeze.
Lovin': Bopo, the Internet, and all things dark and gloomy.
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Ski Bum Reba
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: On a white frosted mountain skiing my heart out
Posts: 820
WEARING: Jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, and a short sleeve Mass effect 2 tee shirt over that. Oh....and my beanie.
HAIR: In need of a trim again
EYES: A little dried out
HEARING: The screams of people and ants alike from the tv
WATCHING: Empire of the Ants. Lots of bad special effects, bellbottoms, and cheesy acting.
EATING: Homemade chocolate ship cookies. NOM
DRINKING: Water. Need to go make a soda run tomorrow
CHATTING WITH: My mom and Jen
FAVE THREAD: Love this one because its one of the most active and it keeps me in touch with whats going on with everyone here
REMEMBERING: I need to drop something in the mail tomorrow
LAUGHING AT: My youngerst niece's Leprachaun trap that she made as a project for kindergarten. Apparently while they were all out to lunch the crafty little bugger 'walked' across it and mnaged to elude the trap.
DOING: Chillin with my mom.
EXCITED about: the big snowstorm that has rolled in. Lots of fresh powder being dumped on the mountain
THINKING: What to do with the rest of my evening
HOPING: The snag some private lessons this week $-$
THANKFUL FOR: Fanfic fixits lol
FEELING: Better than I was a couple of days ago. Roomie gave me his flu bug right before I was to leave for Mammoth
WANTING: Mo money!
I DESERVE: Some kind of stamina award for last week's gaming marathon
WONDERING: What the hell went on bite spree on my back. But maybe it's best that I don't know.
HAPPY THAT: I apparently seem to bring the good snow every time I come up here.
CAN'T WAIT FOR: Avengers, Game of Thrones, and Warehouse 13
MISSING: My kitteh. And she apparently misses me too *attempts to shove cat off keyboard for umpteenth time*
HATING/MAD AT: Annoyed with the stupidity of one of my siblings.
PROUD: My buddy Jen. She made some tough choices, but I and all our other friends think they were the first steps in the right direction.
AMAZED THAT: The cheese factor in this movie is pushing even my limits lol
LOVING: Life, snow, friends family and of course.....MASS EFFECT 3
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Tag Team Champion
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: New Jersey, Laying the "SmackDown" on NJ drivers and penning the next great American Fan Fic with Drayvenscrow!
Posts: 2,134
Hi All
Sorry Havent been around. My computer is on its last legs. Have a new Dell on its way but doing everything to keep this one from CRASHING and giving me the blue screen of death!

Chat Soon

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Morbidium Addictivia
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Drowning in darkness sinking towards the end of the world.
Posts: 2,809
Wearing: Wifebeater and pants. You can probably guess the shade if you think really hard.
Hair: Damp.
Eyes: Dark-circled as usual. And I even slept yesterday.
Hearing: Comm chatter from ME 3 multiplayer, though I'll be damned if MY headset is actually working properly. Another thing to buy, I suppose.
Watching: My galactic readiness rating slowly creep towards 100%. Dear BioWare: Awesome concept. I hate it.
Eating: Nary a thing.
Drinking: Diet Coke, if only for the caffeine at this point.
Chatting with: If hearing the occasional, "Shit!" and "Banshee coming!" can be considered chatting.......possibly a few people.
Fave thread: ATM.
Laughing at: Not much, but I'll let you know when I decide to read the news again. *shakes head*
Doing: Preparing for one final push to get Mass Effect 3 beaten. Also resisting the urge to clean things. Ahem.
Excited about: Nerd things. Surprise.
Thinking: Of Shamrock shakes and how I should really have one in front of me.
Hoping: For an easier workload this week. Two days into the weekend, and I still feel like twice-hit roadkill.
Thankful For: The ridiculously awesome weather. It's a crazy time in the world when winter weather in the midwest is better than Florida's.
Feeling: Like an over caffeinated zombie. A husk, even.
Wanting: A myriad of things. Few of which involve the impending workweek and the doing of my taxes.
I Deserve: What, indeed?
Wondering: Whose idea this was? Because I really need to be warned about things that awesome, so I don't fangirl right out of dark and melancholy self.
Happy that: Yahoo is telling me popcorn is as healthy as fruit and vegetables. How nice. O_o
Can't Wait For: Avengahs! Although I'd happily settle for the surfacing of my own awesome superpower.
Missing: My targets. I was sniping like a fiend for a good while, and now I'm back to being a n00b. Possibly a sign it might be time to sleep. Possibly.
Hatin/Mad at: There's a tale and a half.
Proud: Of my incredibly successful financial and social life? Not so much, but thanks anyway.
Amazed That: One moment, my little wench is bouncing off the walls like a furry rocket, and the next she's half comatose on the chair. Roller coaster much?
Lovin': A world where Final Fantasy and Mass Effect and exist together, in one bubble of gaming win.

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Ski Bum Reba
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: On a white frosted mountain skiing my heart out
Posts: 820
WEARING: Brown "Mammoth Mountain" sweats, a thermal shirt, grey hooded Quicksilver sweatshirt and my ski school beanie
HAIR: damp from the recent shower
EYES: a bit bloodshot from last night's fun
HEARING: the idiots who are jumping from the jacuzzi to the swimming freezing temperatures. They are the same jackasses who keep breaking into the pool area well past hours and waking everyone up. Let's just say if someone gives themselves a heart attack, I won't be very sympathetic.
WATCHING: Aimlessly surfed the channels for a bit now my mom is home and we are watching Celebrity Apprentice. Thank god for DVR because the women's team drives me NUTS.
EATING: Starbursts...i really need to hide the bag from myself
DRINKING: water....lots and lots of balance the lots and lots of....whatever I indulged in lastnight lol
CHATTING WITH: Jen via yahoo, and my mom's roomie Austin
REMEMBERING: Last night...mostly.
LAUGHING AT: The pictures from lastnight and today that are of epic blackmail quality.
DOING: lounging on the couch trying to muster the energy to go fix some dinner
EXCITED about: money back on my taxes
THINKING: ppfffffttttt
HOPING: I can get an extra day off this week. My feet are killing me.
THANKFUL FOR: Jen and Beth getting my package to me in time for the party last night. My co-workers just abotu fell over seeing me dressed to the nines last night lol
FEELING: A little sunburned. I have a killer goggle tan going.
WANTING: A day off
I DESERVE: Tips. Seriously people.
WONDERING: If my roomies saved Game of Thrones
HAPPY THAT: We got a little bit of fresh snow...just hoping we get more and the temps drop a bit. Tired fo skiing through water puddles.
CAN'T WAIT FOR: Going home: warm weather, hanging with my friends, Game of Thrones night, and MY BED!
MISSING: My friends down south
HATING/MAD AT: Parents who don;t ski but yet they thing they know what class their kid should or should not be in and then complain when their kid who can;t stop on their own doesn't get on the chairlift. It's called SAFETY you morons....cuz you'll be the first to sue if your kid gets hurt
PROUD: Of all my fellow co-workers....come might have been hugging trashcans half the day...but not a single one called out sick today. Way to tough it out
AMAZED THAT: at this person that responded to my mom's CL ad for a roommate. It's a long complicated story, but sufficed to say...this is the strangest experience yet...even for me
LOVING: Life, skiing, home cooking, and DVR
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Tag Team Champion
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: New Jersey, Laying the "SmackDown" on NJ drivers and penning the next great American Fan Fic with Drayvenscrow!
Posts: 2,134
WEARING:Blue Polyester monkey suit
EATING:Nuffin..had a big breakfast
REMEMBERING:How bogged down the old computer was. It was literally hours from becoming a doorstop
LAUGHING AT:What an absolute idiot my tour Lt is.
DOING:This and getting ready to head into the Hell Hole...aka work
EXCITED about:Disney...and possibly a Bahamas trip....ahhhhhh beach, blue ocean and alcohol
THINKING: Trying not to
HOPING:That this computer lasts a looonnnggg time
THANKFUL FOR:What $$$$$ I had saved. between the new computer and jet Blue....I watched a good chunk of my mad money go out the window
FEELING:Pretty Damn Good for some reason...May be the 13 punds I have managed to peel off
WANTING:A new Camaro....just because!
I DESERVE:Well I did deserve that 500 million lotterry win...but I buried the winning ticket under the local Burger King and cant find it now. No Really
CANT WAIT FOR:Wizard in Philly.....April Hunter and Lita.......Heaven...I'm in Heaven......
MISSING:Time to write
HATING MAD AT:Idiot Lt's...nuff said
PROUD OF:My kids and how hard they are working at their grades and sports
AMAZED AT:How some parents always think their evil kids are innocent

Yes All...I have returned with a new Dell home computer which is lightning fast. Thank God!
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Morbidium Addictivia
darkphoenix's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Drowning in darkness sinking towards the end of the world.
Posts: 2,809
Wearing: The garb of a Badass Dork: Space Mountain tee and jeans in black. Leather gauntlets and awesome headphones.
Hair: Ye haw.
Eyes: Sore. I'm in dire need of a nap, but screw that. I haz games to play and things to clean.
Hearing: "I Miss the Misery" by Halestorm. Their new album is beyond sick. *rawkfist*
Watching: My cat try and navigate her way through my piles of stuff that I pulled out to sort.
Eating: Nope.
Drinking: Cherry Coke Zero. And just as an aside: soda prices are getting ridiculous lately. Hmrph.
Chatting with: No one.
Fave thread: ATM.
Laughing at: Still snickering over this morning's Retard Fail Moment, when I burned my forehead with a flat iron.
Doing: Posting here, and glaring hatefully at the mess I've made in my apartment.
Excited about: Even though I have it in my claws, aforementioned Halestorm album.
Thinking: Of firing up a console for some gaming.
Hoping: The forecast of thunder and rain for the next few days is grossly misguided. I'm thinking I'm out of luck, however, since the sky looking rather ominous.
Thankful For: The weekend, after a very rough workweek.
Feeling: Half comatose, but inclined to go for a walk. Given the thunder though, I'm thinking that's perhaps a foolhardy idea.
Wanting: So many things, made worse by today's visit to Best Buy.
I Deserve: A cookie. *grave nod*
Wondering: If a visit to the doctor is in order. Because that always go so well.
Happy that: On the plus side, I didn't cave into an ultrabook/iPad/e-reader/videogame/TV/Phone. There's something.
Can't Wait For: More FFXIII-2 DLC due out in May. Because I haven't wasted enough of my life with that game, eh? And my tax return.
Missing: With each passing day, it becomes more likely. Hehhehh.
Hatin/Mad at: My new machine at work, which I have named "Bastard". We most definitely haven't gotten off to a great start. I miss my original machine, "d'Artagnan the Precious"
Proud: Of myself. I did my taxes a whole four days before they were due this year. *smirk*
Amazed That: My employers bothered telling us all that we should, "Go home if we aren't feeling well", after someone kept working through a heart attack last week. Because they only REALLY care if you actually kick over.
Lovin': The Hunger Games trilogy. I normally hate jumping on the "What's Popular" bandwagon, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
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A New Creature
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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Southeast TN, USA
Posts: 563
Wearing: A green robe for the moment, but not sure what I will wear today

Hair: Just blow dried it, so it's insanely frizzy. I'll flat-iron it in a bit.

Eyes: Not wearing my glasses, so I'm kind of squinting at the screen

Hearing: Nothing except the small electric heater in the hall. The TV will be on soon though.

Watching: Going to turn on my morning shows in a little bit, though I usually never get to actually watch them. I've been watching a lot of Star Trek TNG on Netflix, but I wish it could have all of the episodes at once instead of just 100 at a time.

Eating: About to get a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios

Drinking: (see eating)

Chatting with: No one

Fave thread: This one

Doing: Procrastinating, instead of getting ready for work

Thinking: I am an evil stalker. Finally got to see a picture of an online friend I've known for almost 10 years, but never got to see.

...I've run out of time so I need to cut this short.
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No Hollaback Girl
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Cloud 9 With The Rest Of The Love-Sick Saps
Posts: 3,266
WEARING: A blue Snoopy shirt with blue jeans and sneaks.
HAIR: Still looking good.
EYES: Tired.
HEARING: The birds outside taunting my kitten.
WATCHING: Said kitten doing everything possible to get back at those darn birds!
EATING: Ate an cheesy egg omlet.
DRINKING: Nectar of the Gods - new coffee I now love: Caramel Coconut.
CHATTING WITH: Said kitten.
FAVORITE THREAD: This one where I can catch up with all my buddies.
REMEMBERING: I still have work to do on the website.
LAUGHING AT: My adventures on Facebook.
DOING: Taking a break to post here before I go back to working on the
EXCITED about: G-POP's new Facebook Page - nothing really flashy, but, hey, we're just starting out there. Come join the fun!
THINKING: I can't believe I finally gave in.
HOPING: A lot of issues get resolved in a positive manner and that this facebook page picks up traffic at
THANKFUL FOR: Everything I have.
FEELING: Tired, but happy.
WANTING: One million please - the rest of the Mega Million's jackpot can go to someone else.
I DESERVE: Another vacation - the last one wasn't much of a vacation.
WONDERING: Whether the facebook page was really a good idea.
CAN'T WAIT FOR: The next get bop online together!
MISSING: Lots of folks who have disappeared from here.
HATING/MAD AT: Incompetent receptionists - they seem to reside at every doctor's office I have ever visited.
PROUD OF: My buddies working hard at keeping things together. That's the mark of a true superhero, perervering in the face of great adversity and still being able to rescue someone with a laugh or two.
AMAZED AT: After all the hemming and hawing, finally has a facebook page. Of course, not being facebook savy, it probably won't amount to much.
LOVING: My sweetheart, family, my buddies and my furry little angel Big hugs going out to all of you!
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Ski Bum Reba
redladyreba's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: On a white frosted mountain skiing my heart out
Posts: 820
WEARING: Blue jeans, black Mammoth Ski School long sleeve tee with a matching ball cap
HAIR: in need of a trim after the crappy cut from the last lady while up in Mammoth. *cringe*
EYES: blood shot due to lack of sleep this week and the ride home today from LA to SD
HEARING: Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Ellie Goulding. This made for some good music while splitting lanes through heavy traffic on the 5 freeway.
WATCHING: Just finished catching up on Grimm and Once Upon a Time with the roomies and gonna be heading out here in a few to go catch the midnight showing of Avengers with my buddy Jen
EATING: Carne Asada Fries. Tomorrow my diet for Kerry's wedding officially starts
DRINKING: Jonsing badly for a soda but trying to cut back so alas I have a bottle of water is all.
CHATTING WITH: An acquaintence is texting me trying ot talk Jen and I into going to a different showing tonight since they were sold out of tickets when he went to get his. A) he wasn;t really invited and B) get off your lazy a$$ early and maybe you wouldn't be scrambling last minute. Also sent a PM off to MBN.
FAVE THREAD:This one...although I have been so out of touch the last couple of months I need to look at the rest of the site to catch up lol
REMEMBERING: I need to mail out a second check tomorrow for my carpayment since my bank screwed up and shorted the loan company a hundred dollars. Nimrods. At least I had the proof the check was written correctly and I'm not being charged a late fee.
LAUGHING AT: Target shopping with jen's always an adventure
DOING: I should be napping as I have been up since 5:30 am, had a 3.4 hour ride home from up north, and will be up nearly 22 hours by the time the movie finishes and I get home. Sleep is overrated right?
EXCITED about: AVENGERS!!!!!!!
THINKING: It would be nice ot be home for more than two weeks at a time. Sadly that won't be happening any time soon as I have to go back up to LA three seperate times for various reasons over the next two months.
HOPING: Dress shopping for Kerry's wedding was relatively painless. Now if I can find dress shoes with as little fuss I'll be ecstatic
THANKFUL FOR: My mom found a roommate and the pressure to help her out financially this month is now off my sister and I
FEELING: Tired and wired.
WANTING: A money tree to start growing in the backyard.
I DESERVE: A break from the constant travelling. Alas family and wedding obligations are now upon me.
WONDERING: If I will ever find my tents in time for May Wars or if I am gonna have to borrow from someone
HAPPY THAT: I got to meet up with an old high school buddy this past week and have dinner and shoot the breeze. Good times.....and free drinks
CAN'T WAIT FOR: Mid July. Once I come home from that trip up to LA I shouldn't be required to travel for at least the rest of the summer. Ya!
MISSING: My bed.
HATING/MAD AT: I hate LA traffic. Despise it. Thank god I was on my bike, or the trip would have most likely been twice as long both ways. But I hate splitting lanes for hours on end.
PROUD: Of how much girly girl managed to surface in me this weekend lol. Not only did I find a great bridesmaid dress and for a reasonable price, I also astounded the alteration lady with my mad skillz in helping Kerry put her wedding dress on properly and getting it all laced up.
AMAZED THAT:It's May already. Where has this year gone???
LOVING: Life, good friends, my motorcycle, awesome weather, and my bed.
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Tag Team Champion
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: New Jersey, Laying the "SmackDown" on NJ drivers and penning the next great American Fan Fic with Drayvenscrow!
Posts: 2,134
WEARING:NY Rangers playoff T and very loose jeans
EYES:Blue...must be all the days I have taken off this week.
HEARING:Daredevil is on for like the 100th ntime this week
WATCHING:See above
EATING:Just had a jalepeona popper
DRINKING:Water with a splash of pomegranite
REMEMBERING:The gym today...only male in spin class. Hope they dont think I am some kind of perv. Only my second time doing it but I needed something to jump start the weight loss. 1 pound per week is just not doing it.
LAUGHING AT:Last night's softball practice for my daughter. OMG they really put the girls through hell.
EXCITED about:Disney in November and Wizard in June...oh and Mexico in August
THINKING:Work reall stinks right now and I wish I could retire.
HOPING:To get the kids to post office this week for their passports
THANKFUL FOR:Balance...and that I didnt croak on the spin bike
FEELING:Pretty good actually
WANTING:A big hocking lottery win
I DESERVE:See big hocking lottery win above
WONDERING:What Mexico will be like..It looks beautiful and is all inclusiveCANT WAIT FOR: To retire
HATING MAD AT:The usual @ssclowns
PROUD OF:Of working hard on my weight through major depression..well maybe not about minor depression
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Beware my power.....
GL2814's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Fresno, California. It's almost as hot as hell, but at least it's not Arizona
Posts: 2,392
WEARING: white tshirt and grey sweat pants
HAIR: bed head
EYES: red
WATCHING: a commercial
EATING: nothing
DRINKING: nothing
FAVORITE THREAD: I don't remember
REMEMBERING: TheManInBlack, aka Ian
LAUGHING AT: nothing
DOING: this
EXCITED about: May 19th
THINKING: why is there no memorial thread for Ian on here?
HOPING: my best friend finally comes to her senses and gets rid of the loser draining her bank account
THANKFUL FOR: my new life
FEELING: bitter sweet
WANTING: I don't know
I DESERVE: I can't think of anything
WONDERING: nothing
CANT WAIT FOR: the Dark Knight Rises
MISSING: TheManInBlack, aka Ian
HATING MAD AT: too personal to post
AMAZED AT: how long this site has been up
LOVING: my friends
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Tag Team Champion
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: New Jersey, Laying the "SmackDown" on NJ drivers and penning the next great American Fan Fic with Drayvenscrow!
Posts: 2,134
Welcome Home GL

Here is the memorial thread also some info on Ians service in Gotham Gazette section
Old 05-05-2012, 09:19 PM Reply With Quote DOCMIDNITE is offline  
Beware my power.....
GL2814's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Fresno, California. It's almost as hot as hell, but at least it's not Arizona
Posts: 2,392
Thanks, It's good to be back.
Old 05-05-2012, 09:24 PM Reply With Quote GL2814 is offline  

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