How to Increase Breast Size without Surgery

The journey to increasing the size of your breasts without surgery is not a simple, straightforward one. Thankfully, though difficult, it isn’t impossible. The unfortunate bit is that there is plenty of erroneous information out there about augmenting your breasts. Be thankful you are reading this as you’ll discover safe and effective non-invasive methods of improving the size of your mammary glands- the pride of every woman.

increase breast size

Certain Herbs and Foods Can Increase the Size of your Breasts

It is an incontestable truth that certain foods and herbs can increase the size of your breasts. For example:

– Fenugreek- This herb can imitate hormones that help women to breastfeed. During breastfeeding, women usually have larger-sized breasts. Therefore, by imitating the functions of the hormones, fenugreek effectively helps to augment women’s mammary glands.

– Fennel- A consumption of fennel seeds is a surefire way of increasing the size of your breasts. Fennel seeds stimulate the production of estrogen hormone- a hormone responsible for the development and maintenance of female organs and reproductive system.

– Blessed Thistle- the herb functions the same way as fenugreek by making the body think it is supposed to produce milk, in the process enlarging the breasts.

– Saw Palmetto- Saw Palmetto helps to increase the size of breasts by blocking testosterone, thus, ensuring estrogen flows freely throughout your body.

Ideally, you should use the fresh versions of the herbs as the powdered version can’t produce the same results you want. Supplements aren’t as effective, either. If you want the best out of the herbs, include them as an ingredient when preparing your tea or use them to make a breast enlargement cream.

About diet, take foods that are rich in dietary estrogens or phytoestrogen. These foods control the production of testosterone and enhance the copious production of estrogen hormone. Foods rich in phytoestrogen include legumes, meat products, vegetables, whole grains cereals, and nuts and oil seeds.

Breast Enlargement Pills and Creams

This is among the most effective ways of augmenting the size of your mammary glands without undergoing a surgical procedure. The pills and creams are fortified with safe and natural ingredients that increase the size of your breasts. The advantage of this method is that pills and creams are fast acting beside the fact that the breast enhancement is usually permanent.


Exercises can’t augment your breast size but only accentuate it. Meaning, they will give the illusion that your breasts are bigger than they actually are. The method takes a while to work and doesn’t work as well as other methods of increasing breast size. However, it is an option worth pursuing as it is painless, inexpensive, and easy to follow through. Some of the exercises that may help you in that regard include pushups, chest dips, and dumbbell flys. These exercises will only consume a few minutes of your day.


It is important to point out that any one method needs you to exercise patience as you wait for the results. Don’t be too desperate for big mammary glands to the extent that you try unsafe methods of enlarging the breasts.