VPS Hosting Selection Tips

With the overwhelming number of VPS Hosting providers, it may not be easy to know which one is the best for you. Everyone claims to be the best but read the following VPS hosting selection tips before you decide which one to settle for.

VPS Selection

Check for server features

The server is the focal point of any VPS hosting plan. It is always important to look at what the server has to offer before you can look at other finer details. Things to check for here are the amount of RAM you will get, your share of the disc space, CPU core, IP address, backup, distribution and whether there are restrictions on data transfers. On the same note, it is also important to consider whether you need a Windows or a Linux VPS environment. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages.


Go for cloud-based VPS hosting if you can

Do not choose conventional VPS hosting if the cloud-based option is available. Remember that while both are more or less similar, cloud based VPS allows you to add more servers and storage into the Centralized Storage System.

Check for flexibility

It is important to consider how easy it is to upgrade the VPS account as your site grows. You do not want to remain in the same spot in this world where internet algorithms change by the minute. Perhaps this is one area where HostGator VPS beats many other VPS providers. A HostGator VPS is easily customizable and can be upgraded whenever the need arises. This way, the user can install advanced software and customize the hosting environment accordingly.

Consider the plans offered

VPS plans can be managed or unmanaged. It is important to determine which plan works for you. Most plans are managed by default, but you may wish to enjoy the freedom that comes with the unmanaged plans.

How is the customer support?

The importance of customer support in the web hosting sector cannot be overemphasized. There is normally so much to know, and things change every day. Thus you need customer care every step of the way.

You can’t forget to check the price

You can’t forget to check for pricing details when selecting a suitable VPS hosting plan. If you value the trial period, take it into consideration. You should, however, be careful to realize that price goes hand in hand with the features offered. More features mean more pay. There are also VPS hosting plans that will offer you features that you don’t really need and charge you for them. Overall, do not have a one-sided view of the plans and pricing details. Instead, take a helicopter view. You will realize that you can get more for less on VPS hosts such as HostGator by taking advantage of its coupons.


Having taken all factors into consideration, it is also good to choose a VPS Hosting service provider that walks with you passionately until you achieve all your dreams. Hostgator VPS hosting is one such provider. A case in point, as other users struggle to meet the cost of a VPS account on other providers, you can use a coupon on Hostgator to get VPS hosting for free for a whole month.